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harbor town

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June-August 2023

This LEGO build is a representation of the many towns and harbors along the coast of Maine. Many of the features of this LEGO build were inspired by real places in towns of Camden, Rockport, Rockland, Damariscotta, Stonington, and elements from many more. This town features a church, a dry dock and boat shed, a few harbor buildings and shacks, a hardware store, a barber shop, a grocery store, a bakery, a diner, an office building, and a seafood market. Though this is not a precise replica of any one place, it is meant to feel like it could be any small coastal town.

This build contains many thousand LEGO pieces and is 75 inches long and 30 inches wide. It took me approximately 160-170 hours over a three month period to design and assemble this LEGO build. I hope enjoy exploring this LEGO build.

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